Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Put Some Thought Into it.....with THOUGHTFULLY.COM

If you're anything like me you love the holiday season as it's a wonderful feeling to give something to friends and family, but usually by this time of year no one needs another salami and cheese gift set! Gift sets are a fantastic gift idea and THOUGHTFULLY.COM has tons of lovely gift sets catered to specific interests your loved ones might have so you are bound to find something for everyone in a variety of price ranges! 

 For the Champagne lover...

photo props thoughtfully

Who doesn't love a nice bubbly glass of champagne???  With New Years right around the corner you will most likely either be hosting a bash or invited to one! Bring the host one of these lovely sets as a thank you and they are sure to love the gorgeous gold-trimmed stemless champagne glasses!  Guests will also love the photo props...perfect for those tipsy Instagram photos!  This set includes 4 stemless champagne glasses, photo props, rock candy stirrers, Gold dot coasters & confetti poppers perfect for ringing in the New Year.

For the camper/coffee lover....

coffee gift set camping gift idea

Get cozy with your significant other on  your next camping trip with a warm fleece and a nice hot cup of coffee!  This set is would be perfect for the nature-loving couple that loves to be outdoors.  Perfect for a camping trip or a fall picnic, this set comes with a brewing block, filters, coffee, 2 adorable mugs and a cozy fleece!  It would even be perfect for those lazy weekends where you just want to cuddle up on the sofa!

For the meat-lover......

thoughtfully steak gift set

Ladies if your man is anything like mine he could probably live on meat alone! But hey.....I love a good steak too! This is set makes a great gift for any manly-man! What's really cool about this set is that you get a genuine lava stone to cook your steak on as well as the wood serving block! You also get 4 bottle of steak sauce in two flavors, two dipping bowls and a steak knife and fork.  I might even want this set for myself!

We were lucky enough to receive one of their Moscow Mule Sets.....the quality and packaging is simply lovely.  Everything you see above is included and you just supply the Vodka!  We plan on serving up these yummy cocktails for New Year's but we may do a trial-run on Christmas first!

So if you are still in need of gift.....check out THOUGHTFULLY.COM because no matter who you are shopping lovers, coffee lovers, selfie-queens, aspiring chefs, hot-sauce are sure to find the perfect set to everyone this Christmas season! You can also still get Christmas Delivery for only $5.99 and take 20% off your order using coupon code GIFT20! Don't forget to share your memories on social media using hashtag #GIFTTHOUGHTFULLY!

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