Thursday, July 28, 2016

Waldorf-Astoria El Conquistador Resort

Ahhhhhhh where do I begin.  We just got back from Puerto Rico last night and I'm exhausted.  Like most people I need a vacation after the vacation! Our trip was overall wonderful with a few bumps in the road including a trip to the hospital, a few family arguments & one vacation rental that was a mistake (saving that for another post).....but all-in-all we did have a great time.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So if you love fashion then I'm 99.9% sure you already know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you don't know....well let's just say that we can't be friends.

I'm kidding people! But  It's seriously one of THE best sales EVER!

I'm talking like designer brands for like 50% off sometimes like 70% or more.  You definitely need to take note because it starts today ....if you already have a Nordstrom Card. If you don't have one then you can shop the sale in a few days, but it's not to early to start browsing around and get your list of must-haves in order.  I seriously have tons of faves but I'm limiting myself to a select few pieces that i really want.  This is just a cute simple fall look.  You can never go wrong with skinny jeans, wedge booties and a cute sweater!

Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom sale by ericavalentin featuring skinny jeans

I'm loving Rose gold everything right now and rose gold works for summer or fall but I definitely love it more during the fall time and these picks are really reasonably priced even before the sale so right now is a great time to jump on the deals!  The MAC lipstick is actually not on sale but I just adore the darker plum shades during fall and there are some MAC products that are on sale at Nordy's if you shop now. 

Those gorgeous Kate Spade sunnies are also not part of the sale but there are a few pairs of Kate Spade sunglasses that are included

What are you ladies eyeing in Nordstrom for the upcoming fall season???

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Boho Babydoll Dress & Pom Beach Bag

Guys it is FRIGGIN HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT in the ATL today.  I went outside to take photos and I serisouly almost died in the first 5 seconds.  It was over 100 degrees so I waited till around 7 pm. Anywho I just picked up this dress in Forever 21 and they had a navy one with white stitching I may go back for!

I absolutely love these Boho Mini/Babydoll Dresses....although this one is somewhat see through so I may just use it as a beach dress over my bikini!   This dress is so light and airy too....and if you have ever been to Atlanta in July you know the heat is crazy! So I try to wear as little as possible.  I didnt even want to put any accessories on it was that hot!

and how cute is my Pom-Pom Beach Bag??? This was an old bag from Francesca's and I just spruced it up by adding the Pom-Poms using THIS TUTORIAL from Southern Curls & Pearls!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Date Night - Looks for Less

Date Night - Looks for Less

Date Night - Looks for Less by ericavalentin

Floral print flowing tops are the perfect Spring & Summer Date night go-to.  Not only because they are super girly and flirty ....but on those warm summer nights they are the perfect tops to keep you cool! I just put together this gorgeous look for one of our upcoming date nights in Puerto Rico! 

My favorite part about this look are the Chloe dupes by Marc Fisher found in Nordstrom aka Heaven! I love those Chloe wedges but they are definitely not within my price range at the moment.  The Marc Fisher ones retail I believe for around $150 .....but even that can be pricey for some.  But seriously espadrille wedges are all over the place so you can definitely find other similar styles for a lot less if you are on a budget :)  Also just an FYI......even if money was no option the only items I would purchase from the splurge side would be the Chloe shoes & the Jewelry.  Those items hold their value ....but floral print flowy blouses and ripped/cutoff shorts are in every store so if you shop around you could probably find them for even less than the prices of my steal picks!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

For the love of Rompers!

I'm about 2 years too with alot of trends but I've just now fallen in love with rompers again. At first I just could not get into them but now I'm really starting to dig them!  I seriously thought I would look like a 6 year old in one .....and thought maybe they should be reserved for the 20-somethings at beast because for me some of the legs are way too flowy and open.  But I have managed to find a ton of them that have a bit more of a fitted leg opening and look super sexy and classy!

 The other added benefit is that my hubby is so obsessed with them too. I think a good romper and flats or even heels for a date night would probably be his favorite thing on me! Although I may end up with Baby #3 hahaha!

Here are a few that I own ....that you can purchase from my shop page as well as a few that I NEED!

Currently in my closet...
Lusting over these...

Let me add I'm not the only lover of Rompers.  Our Daughter Sofia is totally in love with Rompers too....Yesterday she wanted me to take "Blog Photos" of her! She is totally her mother's daughter! What a diva!

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Target Utility Romper // White Flower Sandals - (Similar Here) // White Aviators // Apple IPad

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Aviators are my fave......

Like the title says Aviators are my fave! That is so true ....I always find myself gravitating towards aviators style sunglasses and I'm so in love with my new Oakleys! These are the  They are stylish and classic and can go with casual outfits as well as dressy ones! The ones i picked up the other day are the Tie Breaker Aviators by Oakley and they look fantastic and fit amazing!  I don't just like the aviator style though....I seriously love all styles.......especially the cat's eye shape that are so popular!

I wasn't always into sunglasses though until recently ....Well I take that back. I liked them because they were cute and stylish but I would never invest in quality ones.  I was the girl guilty of picking up $5 sunglasses or ever $20 sunglasses .....but definitely not designer ones because frankly I couldn't see spending $200 on sunglasses that my kids would probably break anyway.  Here's what happens when you buy shitty sunglasses though:

  • They dont fit well
  • They are usually NOT polarized (I will explain that later)
  • They look dark on the outside but you are still blinded from the inside
  • No Warranty
Another reason being is that I have a super small head.....DON'T LAUGH! My face is very narrow and so is the bridge of my nose so sunglasses always feel loose or slide down the bridge of my nose.  Let's not even talk about bending over to tie my kids shoe or something......oh wait they end up falling to the ground....or they slide down the bridge of my nose and I have to keep pushing them up....totally annoying!

Well years of not wearing sunglasses and just deciding to squint all the time has slowly started to form the tiniest of wrinkles on my forehead.....W...T...H......... :deep breaths:

Now even if you wear sunglasses you may still find yourself squinting and that's probably because they are not polarized.  I wasn't sure what that even meant until my hubby explained it to me but here's a bit of a better explanation ....they basically remove glare.

 Polarized lenses are made from a special polarizing film that is applied in the factory on the front surface of the lens. This film allows light rays to be filtered, consequently improving the vision in strong light conditions. Polarized lenses will protect you from UV rays, glare and intense light. In combination with a reflection-free coating, polarized lenses are ideal for fishing and driving. 

Although darkly tinted sunglasses may reduce brightness, they do not remove glare like a polarized lens. In addition, dark sunglasses without added ultraviolet protection may cause more damage to the patient’s eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all. The darkness of the lens can cause the pupil to dilate, letting more ultraviolet rays into the inner parts of the eye. Polarized lenses solve both problems by eliminating glare and filtering out harmful ultraviolet light because the filter reduces the polarized glare and also has ultraviolet absorbing properties. 

 So with that being said ........not only are polarized lenses better for protecting your eyes in general........they are more functional and over the long haul wearing shades in general will keep you from squinting and thus preventing or better yet delaying wrinkles! So do yourself a favor ladies your face from wrinkles and always wear sunglasses....preferably polarized ones!

Here are some of my picks for sunglasses.....The two Chanel ones are amazing! One is polarized and one is not but can I please have both!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

DIY Pom Pom Sandals's FRIDAY and a 3-day weekend at that! The best part about this 3 day weekend is that it's NOT my week to be on call for my day job....Thank God! I also ran out of self tanner so please ignore my pasty legs!

BTW if you didn't notice I actually deleted the last 4 years of posts on this blog the other day. I really just had to do a blog cleanup because my pictures were not showing up because of the hosting being changed and mostly because my old posts weren't really relevant for the direction I want to take my blog in anyway. So now we are all nice and cleaned up...and I like it that way!

Now on to the good stuff. I finally got around to doing the DIY I talked about last week so here it goes ladies....

Today I am going to share with you the easiest DIY you will probably ever do. Ok well it depends on a few things whether or not it will be easy.  The other day I showed you the adorable Greek Pom Pom Tie-Up Sandals that are popping up all over the place however most of them are quite high in price and because I am super picky .....and I wanted specific colors of poms among other things.  I just decided to make my own.

1. Gladiator Tie-Up Sandals - So first I did already have a pair of tie-ups at home I could've used but I quite like them as is so bought 2 new pair of gladiators on Charlotte Russe (the exact ones are linked at the bottom of the page). One was $12 and one was $15 I think.
2. Pom-Poms - You can by pom-poms that are attached to a ribbon type trim and sold by the yard.  Those ones already have a loop on them and you just cut off the trim.  The only downfall to those is the colors are as is.  For me I'm very picky with colors so I chose to buy individual bags with each color I wanted.  However I couldn't find the right shade of aqua blue or light purple so I bought white ones and used RIT DYE to color them ...see below

3. 1 Yard Gold Coin Trim - These you can find in any craft store in the sewing section and they are in the trim area sold by the yard and you just need to cut the coins off the trim.

4. Embroidery Floss & Needle - Pick colors close to your poms since this is what you will use to sew them on.

5. Open Jump Rings - Make sure to get open jump rings not closed ones.  Open jump rings are not soldered closed. The are open so you can twist them apart ...loop them then twist closed.

6. 2 Pairs of Pliers - to open and close the jump rings. 

7. White Chalk - to mark the placement of your poms and coins.

Below are the 2 dyes i used to make the purple and aqua poms.  I used the aquamarine to make the light aqua poms and the Rit DyeMore Line in Royal Purple to make the dark purple and the lavender poms.


- First put on your sandals and lace them up however you are going to wear them when finished.....and use your white chalk to mark where you want to place your poms & coins.  I missed doing the markings ahead of time so i had to keep putting them back on and off every time I attached something which made the process twice as long.

- Thread your embroidery needle and knot at the end. 

- Now attach your poms where you marked.  Push your needle all the way through the center of your pom-pom then go back down through the pom again.  Now you will have the pom hanging on the end of your thread.  Wrap it around your strap where you marked with chalk one time and come back through the pom again.  Then once more go through the middle of the pom back down.  Now wrap your thread several times around your strap and knot two or 3 times.  when attaching your poms be sure not to sew into the strap itself.  If you wrap it around the strap instead and will be tight and stay in position yet you can still slide it up and down to adjust the placement as needed. Continue this until you have all your poms attached.

- The underside should look like this ...

- Next attach your coins to the jump rings using the pliers to open then and then close them around the straps.  With the coins they will slide along the straps but when you tight them tightly around your leg you can adjust them and they will stay in position.  If you have a strap that is braided like one of the pairs i had the strap was too thick to allow the coins to slide so i just ran the jump ring through the braid instead and that worked also.  DO NOT pull the jump ring apart because it will not close properly.  You must twist it open then twist it closed ...LIKE THIS

You can also attach beads or tassels or ribbons whatever you like but I really just wanted a simple pair with poms and coins.

So that's it you are DONE! Easy right?  If you are intimidated by sewing the poms on you can hot glue them in place and its alot faster but they are more likely to come off.  Sewing them on gives a lot better quality and they are a lot more secure.

So here are my finished pairs.  For the first pair I wanted to match the colors of those ones I mentioned before from Red Dress Boutique......I just loved those so much.

$79 for these on Red Dress Boutique

Here's my version (I changed out the orange for baby pink) for about $13 + the cost of supplies

With the second pair I wanted to go with bright colors but cool tones that I though would pop against the camel colored leather.

These turned out so lovely! I cannot wait to wear them in Puerto Rico! 

These were seriously so much fun to make and I hope you guys liked this DIY.  If you are not a fan of pom-poms (It took me awhile too) Try them in small doses.  Since these will be the focal point of your outfit, dont also rock a pom-pom dress ......keep it simple and wear a simple dress or simple top and shorts ....even a plain romper or something:)

If you use my tutorial please tag me on instagram @MrsEricaValentin so I can see all of your creations! Happy crafting! Check out these other fashion link ups too:

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