Thursday, December 8, 2016

A New Way to Shop with LUV.IT

Erica Valentin on LUVIT

With the Christmas Shopping Season in full swing and only a few weeks left until Santa arrives.....I know most of you (like me) are trying to finish off all of their Christmas shopping STAT!  However, malls and other shopping centers are I try to get a lot of my shopping done online and especially from ease of my iPhone! With that being said let me introduce one of my new favorite apps: LUV.IT

Think Instagram meets Pinterest meets Shopping! You can "favorite/luv" items, create collections, then click-to-shop!  What even better is the app also gives you 2.5% CASH BACK  (that you can see immediately) on each item you purchase ALL.THE.TIME, and let's be honest.....everyone could use a little cash back during the month of December!

Reason's why I "LUV IT" (pun totally intended!):
    • Sleek clean design ....similar to many other social media apps so that makes it really easy to navigate!
    • I can fully control everything in my product feed by following my favorite brands and other app users.
    • The checkout is super easy and in a few steps you can slide to pay!. 
    • When I Luv a product, the product is sent to my profile and I receive notifications when it goes on sale or the inventory running low.
LUV.IT also brings you a ton of new and innovative brands that are up and coming as well as already-established ones.  There are a variety of price points from extremely affordable to higher-end luxury items so no matter what your budget is you are sure to find something you love! The app features mostly clothing for Men, Women & Children with a few toys and home goods as well and new brands are constantly being added to their lineup!  Now it's one of my go-to apps to check in the morning for new items, and they even send you notifications when items you luv go on sale!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my purchases with you right here on the blog and over on Instagram but in the mean time go download the LUV.IT app for yourself right from the app store, add me @MRSERICAVALENTIN and I promise you are going to LUV IT!

**Thank you to LUV.IT for sponsoring this post...all views and opinions are 100% my own**

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