Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Embroidered Mini Skirt - Splurge VS. Steal

Goodnight Macaroon Embroidered Mini Skirt

Ladies it's Tuesday ........and I had a vacay day yesterday for my son's birthday.  I'm so NOT ready to be back in the office and the fat that it's 72 degrees outside in January is not helping at all.  Thank God I am out of work at 2:00 so I can enjoy some of this gorgeous weather.

Now that I have spring on the brain....Let me share with you one of my sick obsessions. EMBROIDERY! I know I'm not the only one either because it's been all over the fashion world since last year and it's not going anywhere anytime soon!

Now on to the mini-skirt deets! I know this post was titled as a "Splurge Vs. Steal"......but it's actually more of a post on where to get the EXACT skirt for less.  First let me just make a confession.  I own all 3 of these! I know .....I have a problem and I'm OK with that, but I want to share with you a little secret.  You can get all fird any one of these 3 skirts for an amazingly low price.  Remember a few months ago I told you about how many big box retailers just purchase the same items from wholesalers overseas and they really aren't exclusive to their brand?  Well here's a prime example.
1. Goodnight Macaroon - Zara carried this one last year but I originally purchased this from Goodnight Macaroon Here.  The original price was $65 but I got it during Black Friday I believe and I only paid $20.  Right now it's still on sale for $49 but you can get this exact skirt for around $25.00 because several retailers sell the exact same one.  Not because it's a "knock-off", but because this skirt is available at a wholesale price and many big brands but from the same wholesalers.  Now I love love love Goodnight Macaroon and will still shop there but I'm also about bargain shopping so if you like this skirt can also get it from SheIn HERE and Romwe HERE!

One thing is that you MUST size up if you order this.  It runs VERY small.  I am 5'1" and 108 lbs and I usually wear an XS or S and size 24 in jeans but I took a Medium in this and it was extremely tight as there is no stretch whatsoever.  Although the quality and thickness is fantastic! So size up 1-2 sizes if you can.

2. Forever 21 - So far Forever 21 is the only store I have seen this one in.  It's nearly identical to the one from Goodnight Macaroon and you can get it HERE.  I just ordered it so I can't comment about the size accuracy or quality yet but I will let you know once I receive it.

3. Zara - I initially saw this last fall in Zara and I think it was listed around $50. It's no longer in stock with Zara but you can still get it. Zara is a pretty big retailer when it comes to clothing but they also purchase from wholesalers so with that being said know you can find this same exact store in other smaller stores as well.  You can even go right to the wholesaler online as some will let you purchase 1 piece alone.  I actually received this from SheIn as part of a sponsored post (coming soon) and you can get it directly HERE and from Romwe HERE.  FYI this one also runs super small so once again you need to size up 1-2 sizes as there is no stretch in this fabric.

I do have an outfit post coming up in the next week or so where I will show you how all of these 3 skirts look and how I style them in case you are interested but all in all I love all 3 so shop around or use one of the links I provided!

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