Sunday, July 3, 2016

Aviators are my fave......

Like the title says Aviators are my fave! That is so true ....I always find myself gravitating towards aviators style sunglasses and I'm so in love with my new Oakleys! These are the  They are stylish and classic and can go with casual outfits as well as dressy ones! The ones i picked up the other day are the Tie Breaker Aviators by Oakley and they look fantastic and fit amazing!  I don't just like the aviator style though....I seriously love all styles.......especially the cat's eye shape that are so popular!

I wasn't always into sunglasses though until recently ....Well I take that back. I liked them because they were cute and stylish but I would never invest in quality ones.  I was the girl guilty of picking up $5 sunglasses or ever $20 sunglasses .....but definitely not designer ones because frankly I couldn't see spending $200 on sunglasses that my kids would probably break anyway.  Here's what happens when you buy shitty sunglasses though:

  • They dont fit well
  • They are usually NOT polarized (I will explain that later)
  • They look dark on the outside but you are still blinded from the inside
  • No Warranty
Another reason being is that I have a super small head.....DON'T LAUGH! My face is very narrow and so is the bridge of my nose so sunglasses always feel loose or slide down the bridge of my nose.  Let's not even talk about bending over to tie my kids shoe or something......oh wait they end up falling to the ground....or they slide down the bridge of my nose and I have to keep pushing them up....totally annoying!

Well years of not wearing sunglasses and just deciding to squint all the time has slowly started to form the tiniest of wrinkles on my forehead.....W...T...H......... :deep breaths:

Now even if you wear sunglasses you may still find yourself squinting and that's probably because they are not polarized.  I wasn't sure what that even meant until my hubby explained it to me but here's a bit of a better explanation ....they basically remove glare.

 Polarized lenses are made from a special polarizing film that is applied in the factory on the front surface of the lens. This film allows light rays to be filtered, consequently improving the vision in strong light conditions. Polarized lenses will protect you from UV rays, glare and intense light. In combination with a reflection-free coating, polarized lenses are ideal for fishing and driving. 

Although darkly tinted sunglasses may reduce brightness, they do not remove glare like a polarized lens. In addition, dark sunglasses without added ultraviolet protection may cause more damage to the patient’s eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all. The darkness of the lens can cause the pupil to dilate, letting more ultraviolet rays into the inner parts of the eye. Polarized lenses solve both problems by eliminating glare and filtering out harmful ultraviolet light because the filter reduces the polarized glare and also has ultraviolet absorbing properties. 

 So with that being said ........not only are polarized lenses better for protecting your eyes in general........they are more functional and over the long haul wearing shades in general will keep you from squinting and thus preventing or better yet delaying wrinkles! So do yourself a favor ladies your face from wrinkles and always wear sunglasses....preferably polarized ones!

Here are some of my picks for sunglasses.....The two Chanel ones are amazing! One is polarized and one is not but can I please have both!

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